Is Cybersecurity a Good Career? (Tips For Success)

Many people who are interested in learning about cybersecurity have a question: is cybersecurity a good career choice? Today cybersecurity is one of the highly paid job categories. Many think that when talking about cybersecurity it is on ethical hackers or auditors. But there are many things that we are not aware of cybersecurity. In this post, we are going to talk about the Security Operation Center (SOC) in cybersecurity. Having a good understanding of SOC can help you think that is cybersecurity a good career.

What is Security Operation Center (SOC)

In a war, the individuals who are positioned in the forward defense line are the ones who have to confront the enemies first. Similarly, the forward defense line is like the security operation center. It is the department that detects cyber-attacks, analyzes those, and responds to the attacks promptly.

How SOC Operates

SOC is a department that works 24/7 all 365 days continuously. Its main responsibilities are detecting cyber-attack incidents and preventing them. This is solely an operational task that means like the IT department and HR department of a company, this department renders a service to the entire company.

network alerts, system alerts along with diagrams and charts - is cybersecurity a good career
Source: Telstra Enterprise

When you look at this department from the outside you will see large displays fixed into it. In these displays, you may see network alerts, system alerts along with diagrams and charts. These alerts are usually monitored for 24 hours by security alerts. This is what you will see when you normally look at a security operation center from the exterior.

Which Companies Use a SOC

It has been many years since the operational function known as security operations commenced within companies. At the moment banks, manufacturing companies, IT companies implement and use the security operation center as a dedicated department. You may think that is cybersecurity a good career due to the use of SOC by such companies. Additionally, there are also some companies that provide this security operation as a service to other companies.

is cybersecurity a good career
is cybersecurity a good career

Job Roles in a SOC

Usually, there are a few roles that are been used in a security operation center. There can be a few roles depending on the budget and the headcount of a company or there can be multiple roles played by one individual. You can imagine that is cybersecurity a good career fit among the roles below.

1. The Manager

Like the manager role in any company or team, who is present to solve the day-to-day issues to manage the requests of the top management, the concerns of the customers or to manage the members of the team on a daily basis. In addition to these, this role is responsible to oversee the entire operation, budgeting, latest tool implementation, and the decision-making function is performed by the manager role.

2. Analyst

In the same way, the main role of an analyst is, to analyze the daily alerts, reports and to identify their trends and patterns. This analyst role will often have the opportunity to Identify these trends and report, by working with tools, excel sheets, and data.

3. Investigator (Responder)

Usually, once a security breach occurs, identifying how it happened, its impact and the root cause and responding to it are the main functions of this role.

4. Auditor

Checking whether the documentation operations meet the compliance requirements and standards is the function of this role.

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is cybersecurity a good career
is cybersecurity a good career

Tools and Technologies Used in a SOC

The tools that are used for the SOC differ from one company to another. But generally, there are also a few tools that have to be there in any SOC operation.

1. Security Incident and Event Management Tool (SIEM)

The main function of this is to collect the alerts, locks from systems or devices, finding the inter-relation among them, and triggering those alerts.

2. Host, Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention Tool

Though the term looks complex its main role is to identify and prevent the illegal entry of individuals from outside into the network. SOC team uses the tools required for this.

3. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Tools (VAPT)

Normally, this function is not available in every company. But what this does is to detect the issues in our system or network by running these tools in the SOC team there is an applicable set of tools for this. The SOC team usually uses this set of tools. The biggest reason why is cybersecurity a good career is the use of the above tools and technologies by SOC.

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How a Cybersecurity Operation Works

Cybersecurity operation consists of three teams namely, the Red Team, the Blue Team, and the Purple Team.


The red team is the team that tries to attack ethically, they try to enter the network from out, they try to find the vulnerabilities of the company.

Tasks include:

  • Ethical hacking
  • Penetration testing
  • Block box testing
  • Social engineering
  • Web app scanning
  • Vulnerability explosion


The blue team is the team that attempts to stop this ethically entering team by implementing and maintaining policies, procedures, and technologies.

Tasks include:

  • Infrastructure security
  • Damage control
  • Incident response (IR)
  • Operational Security
  • Threat Hunting
  • Digital forensics


SOC team is found in the purple team. The interior of the SOC team performs all three functions of attacking, analyzing, and defending. We can identify this as red plus blue equal’s purple team.

Tasks include:

  • Improvement facilitation
  • Data analytics
  • Gap analysis
  • Red vs. Blue skill testing
  • System improvements
  • Collaborative security

Career Prospects

If talking about the future, these SOC operations get advanced consistently. And many certifications are available that can be followed. So, if you intend to work in a SOC, you need to have a good understanding of the latest technologies, security trends, or instances. You no longer need to think that is cybersecurity a good career. And also there is no necessity to be unemployed. “Is cybersecurity a good career” I hope you got a good answer to the question.

is cybersecurity a good career

Is Cybersecurity a Good Career?

SOC is different from other cybersecurity fields. This is because for instance think that you are doing developing, this has numerous tracks like QA, developing, and distillation. In cybersecurity, SOC operation is a different track.

I believe that if you are currently working in a security operation center or was interested in knowing about cybersecurity job opportunities this article would have been a good starter. So here is the answer to your question “Is Cybersecurity a Good Career?” – I believe you have found them as reminders and helpful.

In addition to the ones in this article, if you have any other ideas you want to inform the readers, add a comment below and let us know what topics you’d like.

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