Top Features of Elementary OS 6 That Make Everyone Love It

The latest version of elementary OS 6 Odin has been released. This is often a major update that comes with new features, improved design, and many changes. elementary OS has made a stride a totally different way with its state-of-the-art application sandboxing technology. This is a first-of-its-sort stage change that can possibly be a massive update for elementary OS just as work area Linux out and out.

elementary OS developers say
“this release is the biggest update to the platform yet”

In this post, we’ll be having a look at what’s new, what’s improved, the performance, the big changes, and what they mean for you as a Linux user.

What’s New in elementary OS 6 (Odin)

The New Interface

Starting off with the user interface we get a fresh new Pantheon desktop environment. Pantheon is the homegrown desktop made especially for elementary OS and this has received a lot of flow. This clean and modern desktop might be the single biggest reason for elementary success. Now it gets even better.

Top Features of Elementary OS 6 That Make Everyone Love It
Pantheon desktop environment

Dark mode

Pantheon finally gets a dark mode. Everything looks so clean and premium in the elementary OS while all the system apps and most installed apps do follow this dark mode care has been taken not to force third-party apps to use this dark mode which might result in bad UI. The dark mode is just encouraged. You can also schedule the dark mode to kick in at sunset or at specified times.

Top Features of Elementary OS 6 That Make Everyone Love It

Themes and Appearance

elementary OS 6 also brings enhanced customization with 10 different accent colors to choose from. This is pretty much akin to changing themes. But this is going to be more polished. You can also choose the primary color in the desktop background. Before Odin customization space on elementary os was close to zero.

Top Features of Elementary OS 6 That Make Everyone Love It
Themes and Appearance

Fun fact – while elementary OS 6 has not changed very much visually the developers had to completely rewrite the System CSS from scratch to facilitate the new things. This brings in new system fonts which are crisper and professional looking. The borders, context menu, shadows add a 3D depth effect.

Overall the gorgeous Pantheon desktop is now more polished and more enjoyable. But it still has the same loved and adored look feel and workflow. This is particularly significant because consistency in how you use your computer is very important for many people.

Application Sandboxing Technology

While elementary os has not changed visually it’s an entirely different story functionally. There has been a huge change in how apps are installed, how they are updated, how they run, and consequently your experience with applications. elementary OS 6 with its application sandboxing paradigm has taken a huge step away from the commonly expected native DotDev packages from Ubuntu repositories to Flatpacks.

Top Features of Elementary OS 6 That Make Everyone Love It

elementary OS 6 is still based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to be exact but to provide better privacy and security, better usability, faster updates to the apps we use.

All the app center apps are now packaged and distributed as Flatpacks. Flatpack is a modern packaging format that sandboxes all the apps to reinforce the already robust security on Linux. This is a unified package manager meaning Flatpacks run on all the distros are easier to install get faster updates and work fine on all the distros without any dependency hassle.

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When I was playing around with the new elementary OS 6 I did notice a slight increase in app opening times. Many of the default system apps on there are also Flatpacks and Flatpacks have a startup overhead as they have all their dependencies packaged with them and they too should be read and loaded into the memory when you click on an app icon.

Now talking about this system responsiveness elementary OS 6 is very nimble and responsive. I really enjoyed this system and for gaming and larger tasks like compiling, the performance here is really good.

Usability & Stability

elementary OS has always been very stable and dependable. It is based on the solid Ubuntu base and is a great system for homes, students, offices, software developers, and businesses. elementary is created with a high degree of professionalism and it is evident everywhere. elementary OS 6 Odin will be supported for the next 4+ years. It will continue receiving app updates bug fixes and security updates on a regular basis.

From a usability point of view, elementary OS has always shined. This Pantheon desktop is highly productivity-oriented. When you look at this system you get a good feel of where everything is and how to use this system.

New Multi-touch Support

Top Features of Elementary OS 6 That Make Everyone Love It

The new elementary OS 16 brings multi-touch gestures. Three-finger swipes can be used to switch between workspaces and this feels so natural. You can also summon the multitasking view with a three-finger swiper. These gestures add a very natural feeling touch to the system.

The system is very lean and simple. The settings are easy to comprehend and modify. Getting around in elementary is very easy. The only thing you’ll need to change here is binding the super button to the application menu. Overall, elementary OS 6 Odin is a very simple system that looks gorgeous and is highly functional and dependable. I highly recommend this to all levels of Linux users. Including newcomers.

How to Install elementary OS 6 Odin

Installing elementary OS 6 is very simple. First, go to their official website and download the ISO file. elementary OS has a Pay What You Can and it’s definitely worth the money.

Top Features of Elementary OS 6 That Make Everyone Love It
elementary OS Official Download Page

Once the ISO file is downloaded write it onto a USB stick and boot into it. The installer is very simple. Choose your language, keyboard layout, and drive for installation. elementary will be installed.

After installation reboot and then it will ask you to create a user and a password. Then a welcome screen will take you through the introduction. elementary OS 6 has a rather easy installation process.

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Drivers Installation

Computers with AMD and Intel integrated graphics will have the drivers included in the kernel itself. For NVIDIA, open-source drivers are provided. But installing official drivers is a bit of a hassle. But no worries here is the proper and simple way to install the drivers.

Install NVIDIA Driver on Elementary OS 6 Odin:

  1. Make Timeshift Backup (sudo apt update; sudo apt install timeshift)
  2. Install software-properties-gtk
    sudo apt install software-properties-gtk software-properties-common
  3. Install Kernel Headers
    linux-headers-$(uname -r)
  4. Run software-properties-gtk
  5. Install NVIDIA-460 from additional drivers tab
  6. For UEFI Installation Run: sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grub/grub.cfg
    For Legacy System Run: sudo update-grub
  7. Reboot

This method will work fine for installing Official NVIDIA drivers on elementary OS 6. In case anything goes wrong rollback using time shift.

Wrap Up

elementary OS has always been a fantastic operating system. It’s elegant, lean, and functionally rich. This system provides a no-nonsense computing environment for its users. elementary OS 6 is a big leap. elementary 6 is very polished. It looks stunning both on laptops and desktops. Pantheon desktop is pure brilliance it’s usable by everybody students and professionals alike. Now you have access to a vast library of the latest software, a dependable system underneath. The whole experience with elementary OS 6 is going to be a Premium one. Do give it a try.

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So here are the “Top Features of Elementary OS 6 That Make Everyone Love It” – I believe you have found them as reminders and helpful.

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