Download Elementary OS 6 (Odin) – Clean Installation Guide

This step-by-step guide shows you How to Download elementary OS 6 (Odin) and how to install it on your PC. We’re going to guide you to create an install disk and install elementary on your computer.

What’s New in elementary OS 6 (Odin)

  • The New Interface – We get a fresh new Pantheon desktop environment. Pantheon is the homegrown desktop made especially for elementary OS and this has received a lot of flow.
  • Dark mode – All the system apps and most installed apps do follow this dark mode care has been taken not to force third-party apps to use this dark mode which might result in bad UI.
  • Themes and Appearance – elementary OS 6 brings enhanced customization with 10 different accent colors to choose from.
  • Application Sandboxing Technology – Application sandboxing paradigm has taken a huge step away from the commonly expected native DotDev packages from Ubuntu repositories to Flatpacks.
  • New Multi-touch Support – The new elementary OS 16 brings multi-touch gestures. Three-finger swipes can be used to switch between workspaces and this feels so natural.

In addition to the above features, there are many more. Download elementary OS 6 now and get ready to experience them.

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Recommended System Requirements for elementary OS 6

  • Intel i3 or comparable dual-core 64-bit processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • SSD with 15 GB of free space
  • Internet access
  • Built-in or wired mouse/touchpad and keyboard
  • 1024×768 minimum resolution display

After download elementary OS 6, you’ll need a USB drive with at least 4 GB of storage to create that install disk and Etcher. Etcher is a small software used to flash a USB drive from any operating system such as Windows, Linux, macOS. You can download it from

Back Up Your Data
Make sure to back your important data up to an external location such as a cloud service or an external hard drive. Installing a new operating system may overwrite your existing data.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1) Download Elementary OS 6 (Odin)

The first step is to download elementary OS. Using the below link, head over to the official elementary OS 6 download page.

There you get the option to download elementary OS 6 disk image of the latest version. You can either pick a pre-filled amount you’d like to pay or enter your own; Installing elementary OS 6 is very simple. First, go to their official website and download elementary OS 6 Odin ISO file. elementary OS 6 download page has a Pay What You Can and it’s definitely worth the money. You can either download the image file normally or using a torrent client if you prefer.

Official Elementary OS 6 Download Page
elementary OS 6 Download Page

Step 2) Creating an Install Drive

Once the download is complete, you’ll have to put that disk image onto a USB flash drive using Etcher.

First, select the disk image you just downloaded from the elementary OS download page. Then plug your USB drive into your computer and select it in Etcher. Finally, just click the “Flash” button.

Etcher will let you know once the operation is complete.


Step 3) Booting From the USB Drive

Now you’ll need to tell your computer to use your install disk instead of trying to start from your usual hard drive or SSD. Depending on your computer, you’ll have to press a key at startup right when you see the manufacturer’s logo. It’s usually indicated on the bottom of the screen with a text that reads “Boot Priority”, “Boot Manager”, or “Boot Order.” On a Mac, you won’t see any indication and you’ll need to hold the Option key while rebooting.

Change boot order from BIOS

Leave the install disk you just created plugged into your computer and restart it. Press the right key for your computer to access the list of bootable devices and select your install disk there. It should either be named “elementary OS” or with the name of your USB drive’s manufacturer. If you’ve missed the opportunity to press the key, or you don’t know which one you should press, you can search online for “boot priority” with the manufacturer and model of your computer to know which key to press. If everything went according to plan, you’ll just have to follow the directions on the screen to either try a demo of elementary OS or install it on your computer.

Step 4) Choose Your Language and Keyboard Layout

Now select your preferred language and keyboard layout. By default, English (US) is selected, click select to continue.

Choose Your Language and Keyboard Layout

Step 5) Choose Installation Type

You will be offered 3 install options when installing elementary OS.

  • Try Demo Mode – You can try elementary OS 6 before installing it into your system
  • Erase Disk and Install – Erase everything on the disk and install a fresh copy of the OS
  • Custom Install (Advanced) – Create and modify partitions

If you want to clean install elementary OS, I recommend choosing the “Erase Disk and Install” option.

Choose Installation Type

Step 6) Prepare The Partition

Select the drive where you want to install the elementary OS and click Erase and Install.

Prepare The Partition

Step 7) Drive Encryption – Optional

In this step, you will be asked if you want to add extra security to your previously selected drive. If you want to enter a password every time when the drive is turned on, click “Choose Password” or click “Don’t Encrypt” to continue without drive encryption.

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Step 8) Installation of elementary OS

Now the installation starts. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on the speed of your computer.

Installation of elementary OS

Step 9) Restart

When the installation is complete, click “Restart Device“. Remember to remove the USB drive as it may boot from your USB drive again.

Installation completed

Step 10) Creating Local Account

After restarting, as usual, you have the step to create an account. Enter your name, username, and password as desired and click “Finish Setup“.

Creating Local Account

Now you can log into elementary OS by entering the password on the login screen.

Now you will see the welcome screen of the latest elementary OS 6 Odin as shown below. The whole experience with elementary OS 6 is going to be a Premium one. Do give it a try.

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Download Elementary OS 6 (Odin) - Step by Step Installation

So here is the “Ultimate Guide to Download Elementary OS 6 and Install on Your PC” – I believe you have found them as reminders and helpful.

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