Best Linux Distro for Windows Users in 2021

Everyone knows that Linux is far better compared to Windows. Many people are looking for the best Linux distro for Windows users because with Linux, you can basically forget about any viruses, malware, or any other harmful software that exists on Windows.

Linux gives you more control over when to update and what software is installed on your computer. Linux has less overhead than Windows resulting in a smoother experience. Linux’s user privilege management is far more superior than Windows’s. It would take a few hours to talk about Windows vs. Linux, but here are the top 4 best Linux distro for Windows users in 2021 that are thinking of tryout Linux for the first time.

1. Zorin OS

Zorin OS is the most Windows 10/11 like operating system in my opinion. It also certainly has better user interface consistency than Windows. If you have been a Windows Vista or Windows 7 user, clicking on the start menu will feel right at home, as the apps are categorized into a list along with the sidebar where you will find your user account, quick access to different folders in your home directory, and shortcuts to the store, settings and the activities overview along with the logout, lock and shutdown buttons all neatly laid out.

Zorin OS 16 Pro New Interface - Which is The Best Linux Distro for Windows Users in 2021
Zorin OS 16 Pro New Interface
best Linux distro for Windows users

Zorin OS comes with multiple layouts of the desktop. The Pro edition support up to 8 layouts. This way you can turn your desktop to look like Windows 11, macOS, or native Linux. Zorin OS is the best Linux distro for Windows users for those who have used Windows from the beginning.

Zorin OS 16 - The Perfect Windows 11 Alternative Distro
best Linux distro for Windows users

The search on the menu feels more quick and snappy than Windows 10’s search interface. Zorin OS comes with Firefox preinstalled but installing any other popular internet browser is as simple as opening the store and search for the browser that you would like to install.

Zorin OS Store
Zorin OS Store
best Linux distro for Windows users

You will find the file manager which has just enough features for a new user with support for opening multiple tabs which even Windows Explorer doesn’t have. On the right side of the taskbar, we have the system tray with sound, network, user options, along with a shortcut that directly takes you to the settings app which looks very organized and easy to navigate. Lastly on the taskbar is the clock, which when clicked shows your calendar, notifications, and weather all in one single menu. Zorin OS’s taskbar feels more minimalist and clear than the cluttered Windows 10 taskbar layout.

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2. Solus OS

Unlike Zorin OS which is based on Ubuntu, Solus is an independent operating system, meaning any tutorials and articles written for Ubuntu won’t work in Solus. Also, Solus OS has fewer software packages than Ubuntu. While commonly used Linux software is available on Solus, applications that do more specific things aren’t. If Solus had more software in its repositories, it would be the best Linux distro for Windows users who are new to Linux.

Solus Interface

On the desktop, the layout is pretty similar to Windows and comes along with a sidebar called the Raven menu which has tabs, the applets tab is where you have the calendar and the controls for your audio devices and the notifications tab is where you will see the received notifications.

Solus Store
Solus Store
best Linux distro for Windows users

Solus comes with Firefox preinstalled but installing Google Chrome is very simple, thanks to the custom-made software center, where you head over to the third-party tab and click on the blue install button next to Google Chrome and enter your password. I would say, try using Solus for a week and see if that works out. If you find all the software that you need, then Solus works great.

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3. Linux Mint

A lot of long-term Linux users recommend Linux Mint as the best Linux distro for Windows users. Though, I feel like Linux Mint lacks the elegant look and feel that Windows 10 or Zorin OS have. Still, Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, so you won’t have the problem of not finding the software that you need. Clicking the menu you will find that the layout follows the same categories on the left with applications on the right style. Next to the menu, you will find the show desktop button which is on the right corner of the taskbar in Windows 10.

Linux Mint 20.2 Interface

Linux Mint also comes with Firefox as the default browser, but installing Chromium or any other internet browser is as simple as searching for a software manager in the menu, opening it, and then searching for your preferred internet browser.

The file manager that comes with Linux Mint has certainly more features than the file manager in Solus and Zorin OS. Also, you can customize Linux Mint more extensively than you can do with Zorin OS or Solus.

4. Kubuntu

Kubuntu is one of the official flavors of Ubuntu featuring the K desktop environment or more popularly known as KDE. Kubuntu provides you with a highly customizable desktop where the limit is your imagination. Also, the default desktop layout is pretty similar to Windows 10’s desktop.

Kubuntu Interface

Wrap Up

Which is The Best Linux Distro for Windows Users?

If you are still not unable to decide which Linux distro to pick up even after reading this post. I would say Zorin OS will be a good choice.

If you are okay with getting used to a different desktop layout then, why not try Pop_OS! or elementary OS?

Linux is not as hard as it was a few years ago, a lot of things are constantly being improved in Linux. If you are thinking to game on Linux, this is the best time as now they have built-in support for AMD graphics cards as well as Steam, Wine, PlayOnLinux, and Lutris to help you play your Windows games on Linux.

So here is the ultimate guide to choose “Which is The Best Linux Distro for Windows Users” – I believe you have found them as reminders and helpful.

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  1. Ty for having this post. “Was”a lifelong Windows user…made an informed decision to move all my data to a new Linux laptop. That leaves me with hard-drives that I can access via a disk reader, from every PC that ran Win… the data is easily read with view files, from the entire IT life I had as a Windows private user and as a repair tech for roughly 35 years.

    This open source aspect of running my units and still having access to long used data, harnessing methods of storage, or playing my favorite MMOG, will sustain my craving for tech and its benefits to my family and the world for all things science and entertainment, where now there is a broad scale effect on several generations using MS products; swaying schools and colleges to promote open source languages over MS will be hard but doable.

    The world went from pencil and paper to PC and printers, from black and white TV to color where on demand Videos on our computer /television screens have changed families, and technology forever. I love it…from 1969 watching the 1st moon walk, to all the modern advances in sciences; I’m humbled to be included in the tech world and its wonders and possibilities moving forward for the handicapped and those that want to change the world one program at a time.

  2. Everything is very open with a clear description of the issues. It was definitely informative. Your site is very useful. Many thanks for sharing!

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